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Our promise to parents

Our promise to parents is to help them make the right choice for their baby.

As a new parent, you have enough to worry about. That is why we do all the hard work to ensure that only the best ingredients go into our products. We believe that baby food should be simple, wholesome & nourishing, in yummy flavours that little ones will love. Happy tummies make happy babies!

Our promise to parents

Did you know? Töpfer was one of the earliest organic-certified infant formula brands in Europe!

Parents have trusted us to feed their babies for over 100 years. And we don’t take that trust for granted. We are constantly finding ways to improve our promise, whether that’s by finding the best organic ingredients or taking steps to protect the environment for future generations. That means we always use organic ingredients that are not treated with chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or artificial colouring, artificial flavours or artificial preservatives. What’s more, you won’t find any added sucrose in our products…phew!

It’s no wonder that we are the leading producers of organic baby food and organic baby skincare in Germany.

All of our products are produced in Germany, so you can be rest assured that no matter where in the world our products sit on the shelf, you are guaranteed to get the same excellent standards of Töpfer quality.

Awarded a full range of organic certification

Awarded a full range of organic certification

Ingredients that are kind to the environment

Ingredients that are kind to the environment

Kind to little tummies – no antibiotics or hormones in milk

Kind to little tummies – no antibiotics or hormones in milk

Simple, wholesome & nourishing – no added sucrose & no artificial nonsense!

Simple, wholesome & nourishing – no added sucrose & no artificial nonsense!

Company history

Töpfer: A company with more than 100 years of history

We have more organic certifications than you can shake a stick at! And it all started with our founder, Max Töpfer, who made the very first infant formula in Germany way back in 1911. Max Töpfer was determined to make the very best therapeutic foods for infants and worked hard with medical professionals to achieve his dream.

Company history

Today, the company still shares the same vision as Max Töpfer. We believe so strongly in quality over quantity that there is limited availability for our infant milk formula, Lactana.

Did you know? The milk for our Lactana range comes from the Free Range cows in the pretty region of Allgäu (pronounced AL-GOY), in the Southern German alps. This region of natural beauty is famous for producing Germany’s highest quality dairy products – including delicious milk formulas for little ones!

  • 1911

    Develop Protein Milk for infants with digestion problems

  • 1927

    Introduce Rice Cereal for babies with diarrhoea

  • 1932

    Launch Lactopriv® product for infants on soy basis

  • 1936

    Launch Baby Bath products

  • 1953

    Launch Lactana® Infant Formula

  • 1966

    Launch Lactana® Infant Formula with probiotics

  • 1992

    Töpfer is one of the earliest company in Europe receive organic certification

  • 2007

    Launch Organic Infant Formula with LCPUFA and Baby Care Series
    Baby Care Series certified as natural cosmetic

  • 2014

    Launch Mama Care Series

  • 2016

    Launch Kids Care Series

  • Now

    Töpfer products have been sold to many countries worldwide and are loved and trusted by mothers