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Whether it's formula, baby food or baby care, Töpfer does all the hard work to ensure that we use the best organic ingredients to provide healthy nutrition for children. Töpfer makes it easy for parents to make the right choice for their baby. Did you know that we believe in quality over quantity so much that our baby products are always limited in supply? Read more about our promise to parents and what makes our organic product range so special.

Our Promise to You
why choose organic

Why choose organic?

Choosing what to feed your baby and what to put on its skin are the most important early decisions in a parent’s life. Babies are more susceptible to absorb nasty ingredients through food or skin products because their immune system is not well developed. Keep reading to see our top three reasons for going organic and why it can be the right choice for your family.

Why choose organic

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organic baby food
organic baby food

Organic Baby Food

Medical experts don't know for sure what the long-term health effects of pesticide exposure are, especially on little tummies, and we don't want to take that risk. That is why every one of our organic baby cereals and infant formulas is made with simple, wholesome & nourishing ingredients from organic farming. And they are delicious too!

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organic baby food
Natural Baby Care

Natural Baby Care

Babies' skin is much thinner and sensitive than an adult's, which is why Töpfer has done everything to ensure that our products treat your babies' skin with respect and care. Our promise to parents is that each of our products provides the protection and hydration your baby's skin needs, with carefully selected natural ingredients without any of the irritating ingredients it doesn't! The Töpfer natural babycare range is so great – we are sure it will be loved by your entire family.

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Where does our milk come from

Where does our milk come from?

The milk for our Lactana range comes from the Free Range Braunvieh cows in the pretty region of Allgäu (pronounced AL-GOY) in the Southern German alps. This region of natural beauty is famous for producing Germany’s highest quality dairy products!

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